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  • Comics - Chapter 10- Page 60 - Age of the Gray

    Angelology | PG-13 for brief drug use, violence, language | Updates Fridays When the unseen war between heaven and hell finds itself bound to the plane of humans, several kids discover themselves caught in the middle. The almighty angels of heaven a...

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  • E-vay's Hell Hath No Fury

    A violent extraterrestrial parasite begins a silent, hostile takeover. It is up to Sonic and the gang to stop it, but at what cost? *Story takes place several years after canon Modern!Sonic. Written...

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  • collecthollywood

    saw, saw movies, jigsaw, tobin bell, amanda, shawnee smith, hoffman, costas mandylor, cary elwes, dr. gordon, lawrence gordon, betsy russell, bahar soomekh, zep, michael emerson, lost, zep hindle, scott patterson, agent strahm, agent perez, adam, din...

  • The Screwtape Letters – Study Guide – God versus religion

    This is the starting point for a study guide for C. S. Lewis' popular book about us and the devil. It's got questions for each letter (chapter) and suggested topics for discussion for each one. Of course, each question is designed to raise ...

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